Movie stars

The members of Gutta can be seen in several movies.

Like a Lady

featuring Larry, Robin, RichHard and Lavrans
Gutta has made their first appearance as movie stars in the music video for the band Pom Poko's song "Like a Lady," directed by Marin Håskjold, which was nominated for “Kortfilmfestivalen 2021” (the National Norwegian short film festival).

UTESKOLEN / The Outdoor School


featuring Larry and RichHard
In this new movie directed by Mariken Halle (premiering in 2025), we are following kids and adults during one year of the pandemic, who are struggling with their relationship to each other and to nature. Larry and RichHard are environmental entrepreneurs with healing skills.

Snake Oil

featuring Robin and Lavrans
Rose Hammers new movie “Snake Oil” (premiering in 2025) is about Norwegian oil history. Robin and Lavrans are playing father and son - both two greedy rich business men from Texas.