Exhibition at The City Hall Square (Rådhusplassen), Oslo 2022

Gutta was part of the outdoor exhibition by Oslo Municipality, through the Diversity And Integration Unit (EMI), at The City Hall Square.

Pride and Prejudice - Queer narratives from the Collection, The National Library, Oslo 2022

Excerpts from the cult movie “Gutta presents: GOD” were a part of this exhibition which provide insights into the queer liberation struggles and lived queer lives in Norway from The National Library (nasjonalbiblioteket) and The National Archives (Riksaktivet).

Over the Rainbow - Exhibition at Preus Museum

For the exhibition "Over the Rainbow," Preus Museum commissioned 5 photographs from Gutta for their collection, the photographer is Ihne Pedersen.

Gutta Looks at Art

exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition exhibition

Gutta Looks at Art is a site-specific performance that takes the shape of a guided tour through an exhibition, led by Gutta. We function as a guy filter (and thus an awareness of this) on the contemporary art and relate personally to all the art works. This way the audience gets access to the art through the gaze of Gutta. The guided tours are highly subjective and experimental. We offer our presence, perspective, approach and voices to enrich the total art experience that an exhibition truly is.
Lavrans and Robin made a pilot edition of Gutta Looks at Art for the finissage of the exhibition Queer Resistance Movements at Skien Art Association (Skien Kunstforening) in 2023. They made their own interpretations and reconstructions of the art works, and also contributed with excerpts from Gutta`s own happening Movement #3 Gutteklubben Goes To Hell. In the transition from object to happening they challenged both the audience and themselves in their search for queer desire.